Stop the war – asap

Location: Rotterdam, Nederland


Mothership, Anymotion Productions and Video Agency have joined forces and created a light artwork that calls for world peace. The performance with the title ‘ASAP’, which stands for ‘as soon as possible’, asks for attention for world peace and that as soon as possible.

The performance shows a dove of peace defecating on a war tank, which then dissolves into thin air. Out of the remains a flower grows, which is a symbol for new life.

With this work of light art, we hope to inspire everyone around the world. A message that touches everyone, with a gentle smile. With a dove of peace that is recognised by everyone in the world as a sign of peace.

+6,33  min.



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This show is an in-house production in cooperation with three partners: Mothership, Anymotion Productions and Video Agency. Mothership created the concept, Anymotion Productions was responsible for the execution and production of the drone show and Video Agency filmed and edited the show into a video. This production was entirely self-initiated.

This project was secretly recorded in the middle of the night, near the iconic bridge De Hef in Rotterdam.