An unique experience

New technology, sustainable future

Dozens of luminous drones, taking off simultaneously and forming all kinds of patterns. A drone light show is safer, more environmentally friendly, more versatile and more impressive than a regular light or fireworks show!

Endless creativity

The possibilities are endless. A light show with drones is ideal for outdoor festivals, weddings, concerts, corporate events and product presentations. Combined with music, the creative possibilities are endless.

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Are you going to launch a show soon?

Would you like to organise a drone show and do you want to know how many drones you will need for your project? Or are you curious about the steps that need to be taken? Find out what is needed for a successful launch of your show.

This is how it works

A drone show in 4 steps

Organizing and executing a drone show is specialized work. We are happy to take you through the steps we go through to make the show an unforgettable success.


A good idea

A drone show starts with a good idea. We are happy to help you translate your wishes and ideas into a dazzling drone show. Depending on the amount of customization, we need 1 to 4 months for preparation.



Do you want to show a logo, text or certain shape? Or do you want to show a theme show? Everything is possible. To get a good idea of the end result, we first make a simulation of the show. That way you can be sure that all the animations are as you want them to be.


Safety and preparation

Our drone shows meet the highest safety standards. For each show, we draw up an extensive scenario and apply for a permit from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT). We test every show above our own premises.


Light up your sky!

Are all the lights on green? Then we’re ready to fly! We promise that the show will be an unforgettable experience.

The benefits of
Anymotion Productions

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Safe & Reliable

Our shows are extensively tested via multi-step verification. In doing so, we work exclusively in accordance with inspection-approved procedures.. 

Versatile & Innovative

By combining existing techniques with new possibilities, we create an innovative drone show every time!

Sustainable & Attractive

The environmental impact of our drone shows is minimal, leaves no pollutants and debris in the air, soil or groundwater and is repeatable.

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